Acting Auditions: Fashion Tips and How to Dress Up For Casting Calls

How To Dress For Success When Going To Auditions and Free Casting Calls

Job interviews are crucial in the success of your chosen career. For dancers, singers, actors, and actresses, auditions usually take the place of job interviews. To be able to get a role in a play, movie, commercial, or TV show, they have to go to free casting calls and audition for the part.

casting call

casting call

Just as you would not go to a job interview unprepared, it is the same if you are going to an acting audition or any free casting call. Aside from practicing your lines and talent, it equally important to go to auditions dressed properly. Below are some fashion tips to help you increase your chances when going to auditions and free casting calls.

Dress the part. One option that you have when going to free casting calls is to take on the role even in your clothing. Be in character from start to finish and this includes dressing the part that you are auditioning for. There is no need to dress to the hilt but put on something that will be appropriate for the character that you are applying for.

Consult your agent. If you have an agent then it is good to consult him or her on what will be acceptable clothing for the free casting call. Sometimes the suggested attire is included in the casting call brief.

Wear business attire. If you are unsure of how to dress, one of the safest choices in your audition attire is to dress as if you are going to a casual business interview. Slacks and pants paired with a polo shirt or collared blouse are safe choices for any gender. For women, if you prefer to look more feminine, choose a simple skirt and pair it with a classy blouse. A simple and stylish dress will also be acceptable. Avoid jeans if possible unless they are appropriate for the role.

Dress decently. Unless you are auditioning for a sexy role, try to avoid revealing clothes. Steer clear of plunging necklines and very short skirts. Instead, wear something that will flatter your figure without showing too much skin. Try to limit the length of your skirts and dresses to below the knee.

Limit your accessories. When attending free casting calls, you want to attract attention to your talent and not anything you are wearing. This means you have to limit the accessories that you will wear and to try to hide any exposed tattoos. For men, try to remove any body piercings unless it is appropriate for the part that you are auditioning for.

Pay attention to your hygiene. Part of the whole package includes your personal hygiene. Make sure you brush your teeth, comb your hair, and trim your nails before going to the auditions.

Be confident. Any attire can easily look fashionable if paired with good old self confidence. Make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing to ensure that you carry yourself well and that your confidence shows in the way you dress, talk, and move.


27 thoughts on “Acting Auditions: Fashion Tips and How to Dress Up For Casting Calls

  1. This is why reality shows for star searches have become so popular. The audition itself is stuff made for the movies – it really must be nerve wracking!

  2. My granddaughter has dreams of being a star that as early as 15, she has been going through every audition she is qualified for. I will let her read this article. Thanks.

  3. I went to an audition for a casting call for a commercial before and it was about a hair product. Being dressed properly and preparing my hair helped me snag the role.

  4. First impressions last. That’s why one needs to prepare hard for an audition. Not only should you let your talent shine, you should also look your best!

  5. I know preparing for an audition takes longer than the actual audition. Preparation is truly the key!

  6. My brother is a fledgling actor and would often dress the part for bad guy roles. I realized that he should go to an audition presentable and let the casting agents decide which look would be best for him. Thanks for this – Ill pass it along to my brother!

  7. I used to only dabble in modelling and would just go to go-sees. Now I think I am ready for little movie parts and preparing for my first audition. Thanks for the tip.

  8. I use to go to an audition all glammed up with so many accessories hanging over my body that I look like a jewelry stand, on hindsight. Now I know that I need to let my beauty and talent shine more. Thanks.

  9. I am a budding actress and this has helped a lot in preparing for an upcoming audition. Thanks so much!

  10. I didn’t know there was a free audition or casting call where aspiring talents can use to add to their portfolio. Thank you for that piece of information.

  11. I agree that coming prepared to an audition, is just coming prepared for a job interview and it is really important that an individual who wants to get the job should prepare herself before the casting call and the tips that you listed above are really useful to help an individual to get the job.

  12. This post is very timely as my sister is preparing for her first audition. I will definitely share these tips that you posted here to my sister and hopefully, she will be lucky and get the job.

  13. I always wanted to try out an audition when I was in high school but I didn’t have any help of an adult to guide me nor the internet to help me research about it. If these tips were readily available for me 10 years ago, I may have the guts to try. I am sure younger generations today who have access on the web will find this article very useful. Good job!

  14. I have clients who go to not just one audition but to several auditions everyday and they are always equipped with these tips you have. Even just one of these tips lacking will be a disaster and most likely, you will never get the part that you want so I agree on this article and very nice topic, very informative.

  15. I never thought of it that way – treating an audition like a job interview. I agree – one should look and be at their best!

  16. I agree, the attire when joining an audition is an important factor to pay attention on as it creates a lasting impression of one’s overall stage presentation. One must make sure that he or she is well dressed with the perfect, comfortable attire, and pay close attention to details of the audition as a dress code may have been mentioned.

  17. I have to agree with the last part of your article. Right amount of confidence is indeed the most important of all when joining an audition to secure the much coveted modeling or acting spot.

  18. Everyone wants a piece of fame and the fortune that comes with it. But you really can’t call these big name stars as lucky since they worked hard on their audition. It really pays to be ready because it could be a make or break.

  19. Anyone who is going to an audition considers it as a very important event that’s why proper preparation is necessary. Better come prepared and ready since this is the first step towards a promosing career.

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